Set up Breakout Rooms in a Zoom Meeting Activity

New! Set up breakout rooms in a Zoom meeting in the CLE

You can now create breakout rooms in a one-time or recurring Zoom meeting activity in the CLE.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  1. Log into the CLE and navigate to the course where you want to add the Zoom meeting activity.
  2. Click the “Turn Editing On” button located in the top-right corner.
  3. In the section where the Zoom meeting will go, click “Add an activity or resource” and select “Zoom meeting.”
    add_activity_or_resource.png select_zoom_meeting.png
  4. In the General section, add a title (required) and description (optional).
  5. In the Schedule section, choose the date and time of the zoom meeting. You can also make the meeting recurring here.
  6. In the Breakout rooms section, you create the breakout rooms. Click on the plus sign next to rooms to begin. Give the room a name if desired, otherwise leave the default “Room 1.”
  7. Click on the dropdown “add a participant” to select a participant to add to the breakout room. Note that the dropdown will only display a list of students enrolled in the course.
  8. When you have finished, scroll down and click Save and return to course or Save and display


View the GIF below to see steps 6 - 8:



Note: For step number 8, you can choose to enroll groups of students instead of individual students. Groups must be created in the course before enrolling groups into a breakout room.

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