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The Media@UCSF analytics dashboard enables you to discover how your users interact with a specific video entry, where they watched it from, and what devices they used, allowing you to track and optimize your content. The dashboard can be used to investigate and compare engagement across time periods. You can also filter your analytics by media type (video, audio, images), entry source, viewing context, tags, country, region, or city. 

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Media Gallery My Media Video Quiz Reporting and Analytics

The Media Gallery is a shared repository of media for a course in the Collaborative Learning Environment (CLE) that is visible to all instructors and students enrolled in the course. Both instructors and students can contribute to the media gallery. Anything added to the media gallery will be automatically added to each user’s "My Media." 

Use the course Media Gallery to not only share content with your entire class right away, but also to import video content between courses and collect very detailed playback analytics. If you are flipping your course or sharing lecture content for review, the data available here may be a useful benchmark of student engagement. Watch the video below to learn more about the Media Gallery:

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