Regrade a Quiz

Once students have completed a quiz, it is not possible to edit the quiz itself. However, questions in the question bank may be edited, and quizzes are able to be regraded. This is useful in instances when quiz questions were not configured properly and the wrong answer is marked as correct when grading.

Before regrading any quiz, locate the quiz question in the question bank and update it so the proper answer is marked as correct:

To edit a quiz from the question bank:

  1. Click on the gear icon at the top right of the course and select More...
  2. Click on Questions in the Question Bank section questions.png
  3. Locate the question in the question bank and then click on Edit next to the question to update the question and/or mark the proper response as correct.

To regrade a quiz:

  1. Go to the quiz that needs to be regraded.
  2. Click on the gear icon then select Grades
  3. On the grades page, click the Regrade all button. This will re-run the students' answers against what’s in the question bank, so it will fix scores on questions with incorrectly marked answers. regrade
  4. Click Continue when prompted.
  5. Now in the quiz grades table, you'll see students' grades have been adjusted.




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