Create, Edit and Download H5P Content

Creating new H5P content is a multi-step process. To begin, H5P activities are created in the H5P Content Bank. H5P activities are stored in the H5P content bank, where they are able to be edited at any time. 

Once an activity has been created in the H5P content bank, it can be added to your course and the activity settings can be configured as needed

Create H5P interactive content Edit content Download content

To create H5P content:

  1. H5P modules can be managed through the H5P Content Bank available in each course. To create H5P content, login to your CLE course and click the H5P Content Bank in the bottom left of the CLE navigation panel. The H5P content bank will appear.
  2. From the H5P content back, you can select Add or Upload H5P Content.

    • The upload function can be used to upload an existing H5P file that you have downloaded previously on your computer. 

    • The Add button can be used to create H5P interactive content from scratch. You can hover over the Add button and scroll down to click on the title of the H5P type you would like to create, e.g. Course Presentation. Add_H5P_Content_Type.png  

  3. The course presentation editor will open. Give your H5P learning object a title.

    Select a title that is easily identifiable, such as your course name or number followed by the H5P object name. This will make it easier for you to locate this object and share it with your colleagues in the future.
  4. Visit for step-by-step tutorials for the various types of H5P content available in the CLE.
  5. Upon finish creating H5P interactive content in the H5P content bank, you can add the activity to your CLE course.


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