Embed H5P into Other Activities

The CLE allows you to embed H5P content into other activities/resources such as a Page, Lesson, or Book by clicking the H5P button in the Text Editor. You can also combine multiple H5P contents into other activities/resources in the text editor. 

 Embed H5P into other activities

  1. In the CLE course, click the Turn editing on button, then add an activity/resource that contains a Text Editor such as  Page, Lesson, Book, or label.
  2. Click the H5P button in the Text Editor. H5P Button
  3. Click 'Browse repositories'. 
  4. From the options on the lefthand side, choose H5P Content bank to view the H5P files available in your course. Select the H5P activity you want to embed. 
  5. In the popup page, change Make a copy of the file to Link to the file. Select_File.png
    The Link to the file option will sync the H5P object in the content bank with the H5P object in the CLE course module. This means that if you update the H5P content in the content bank, the H5P object in your course will automatically reflect those changes.
  6. Click Select this file. This will take you back to the text editor.
  7. Click Insert H5P to finish. You can add multiple H5P objects by repeating the steps above
  8. (Optional) Configure basic settings for the H5P activity as needed. See Configure H5P settings.
  9. At the bottom of this page, click save and display to preview the interactive content, or click Save and return to course to navigate back to the course home page. 


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