Grade H5P Activities

When you create an H5P activity within the CLE, an entry for the activity will automatically be added to the gradebook. The grade for this entry is also updated automatically when a student completes the activity. This automatic generation only occurs when creating an Interactive Content activity through the “Add an activity or resource” menu.

Although H5P is an outstanding tool that allows instructors to create many types of interactive content, not all of the activities are recommended to be used as graded assessments. When using H5P to create graded activities, keep in mind the following guidelines: 

General Guidelines

  • H5P activities only report students’ performance through updating the automatically generated gradebook entries; therefore, if you want the activity to be graded, it must be created within the CLE so the activity will be linked to the gradebook.
  • While every H5P activity creates a gradebook item in the CLE, only those that accept student input will automatically generate a grade.

    • Instructors may manually enter grades for other activities in the gradebook itself.

  • By design, students can complete H5P activities multiple times and their most recent attempts will be recorded in the gradebook. H5P is therefore not recommended for major assignments.

  • Student’s activity grades may not be saved in the CLE gradebook if they complete an activity over multiple sittings or revisit an activity after completing it and do not resubmit their answers.

  • As an instructor, editing an H5P activity after any student has attempted it will prompt the student to restart the activity if they revisit it. This means that the student’s previous work will be overridden.

  • H5P activities that do not require student input, such as Accordion or Dialog Cards, will still create a gradebook entry; information on how to avoid entries for non-graded activities is available below.

Use the “Grade” setting

In the activity settings for each H5P activity, there is a “Grade” menu. This menu can set up the gradebook category the activity will be assigned to, how many points the student must earn to pass the activity, and the maximum amount of points the activity is worth. By default, the category and “Grade to pass” are not set, and “Maximum grade” is set to 100.

As an instructor, you are able to set the maximum grade for the activity. Setting the value to “0” will cause the activity to carry no weight in the gradebook, effectively making the activity non-graded. This does not prevent an entry from being generated in the gradebook. To prevent students from seeing the gradebook entry, you can exclude Non-Graded H5P activities in the Gradebook. 

Exclude Non-Graded H5P activities in the Gradebook 

Like any other activities in the CLE, H5P activities will automatically generate gradebook entries. If you want a non-graded H5P activity to not appear in the gradebook, you can set the grade of the H5P activity to None in the grade setting. This will exclude Non-graded H5P entries in the Gradebook. 



Adjust Grade Weight of H5P activities in the Gradebook 

By making adjustments to the gradebook, you can set H5P activities to carry a weight that serves your course assessment purpose. To access these settings, from the course homepage, select the Grades in the top left corner, then select "Set up" > “Gradebook setup" tab.

The Gradebook setup menu displays a list of course activities and allows you to organize them and adjust the weight—how much it affects the student’s overall grade—of each activity. To change the weight of an H5P activity, check the box in the “Weights” column for the activity and enter a value into the field. You can also create a category for non-graded activities, set its weight, and place the relevant H5P activities in that category. For details, please check setup the gradebook.





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