Poll Everywhere Pilot


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PolleverywherelogoA 1-year pilot program has made Poll Everywhere available through single sign-on at UCSF.  All faculty, staff, and students now have access to the web-based audience response system that supports interactive instruction and real-time student engagement.

Poll Everywhere is a web-based polling platform for audience participation which eliminates the need for physical clickers. Users create activities through a simple web interface and can embed them directly into PowerPoint or Keynote. The tool can be used in a classroom setting, events, conferences or for remote audience engagement. Students or audience members can vote on polls through a smartphone, tablet, computer, or text message. 

How is Poll Everywhere used on campus?

Poll Everywhere allows a presenter to ask audience members to respond to questions using a smart device or SMS texting, then displays the results live in a variety of formats, or embedded in a PowerPoint or Keynote Slides deck. This tool has been used to:

  • Create live polls and quizzes in classes
  • Check attendance in classes
  • Collect anonymous responses to questions about sensitive topics
  • Create icebreaker questions at conferences
  • Engage remote students

How do I access my account?

Poll Everywhere is available via MyAccess. To access your account, log into MyAccess with your credentials, and click Poll Everywhere. You will be automatically logged into Poll Everywhere.

Note: If it's your first time using the application, be sure to set it as a favorite! 

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