A Guide to Creating a CLE Course

There are several basic steps to setting up a new Collaborative Learning Environment (CLE) course and considerations to make before getting started. Use this page as a guide and follow the links to support articles that explain your options in greater detail.

Is the CLE appropriate for my course?

The CLE is intended for academic courses offered to students who log in using a  UCSF MyAccess account.  

It is also possible to  make a course available to users who are not logged in with a MyAccess account by enabling Guest Access. Guest Access allows public guests to view your course in a very limited way. 

If you are considering developing:

How do I request a new course?

A new CLE course shell needs to be requested each semester you teach a class. CLE course shells are created by the category manager in your school or department. Please contact your category manager or CLE support to request a new course.

When you request a new course you’ll need to think about:

  • which category the course belongs in
  • what the course name will be -  consider an abbreviated title that will be visible in course emails and links 
  • who will need to access the course
  • how students will be enrolled.

Manage Participants and Enrollment in a CLE Course Learn about the multiple enrollment methods to grant users access to a CLE course. .

How do I copy a previous course?

Import Course Content from a Previous CLE Course Faculty and course staff with course editing roles(instructors, managers) can import course content, activities, and resources from one course into another.

Where can I learn how to use the CLE?

Enroll in the online, self paced Foundations in the CLE course. This course helps new users perform basic tasks associated with setting up a course or collaboration space in the CLE.

You can also request a training space by filling out a questionnaire in the Foundations course
*Please note training spaces are created by Learning Tech Group (LTG); we will contact you with new course information within 1 business day. Contact the LTG at  learningtech@ucsf.edu if you have any questions.

Where can I find additional resources?

CLE Course Development Review help desk articles to support you with developing your CLE course.

Have more questions? Contact us