Makers Lab Project Repository

The purpose of the Makers Lab Project Repository is to document collaborative projects between the Makers Lab and other UCSF departments and organizations. The repository will primarily function to store original 3D model design files (in .STL format) related to their specific project. Many more projects can be found on the NIH 3D Print Exchange and Thingiverse. Project files are shared under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike license unless otherwise stated.
  Project Name Department Project Date Project Files
 Screen_Shot_2020-01-03_at_3.26.41_PM.png Vinny Wine Balance  Makers Lab   Thingiverse 
ucsf_shield_frames.JPG UCSF 3D Printed Face Shields

Makers Lab



Face Shield Repository

Screen_Shot_2020-03-23_at_1.50.01_PM.png Female Pelvis with Flexible Joints

Nursing Midwifery


Pelvis Left

Pelvis Right


Pubic Symphysis Joint Mold

ventricles.jpg Ventricles Model



Ventricle Model Scan

tricube_puzzle.PNG Education Research Services Tricube Puzzle

Education and Research


Puzzle Cube Pieces

ear_mold_thumbnail.png Silicone Prosthetic Ear Mold

School of Medicine

11/27/19 - present

Ear Mold Top

Ear Mold Bottom 

Ear Model

hematology_biopsy_1.JPG Bone Marrow Biopsy Training Models

UCSF Hematology & Oncology



Male Pelvis Model (Left)

Male Pelvis Model (Right)

Pelvis Cap (Male, Right)

Female Pelvis Model (Left)

Female Pelvis Model (Right)

Pelvis Cap (Female, Right)

arit_id_holder_thumbnail.png UCSF ID Card Holder

Makers Lab


  ID Holder Top

ID Holder Bottom

Screen_Shot_2020-01-03_at_3.31.06_PM.png Magnetic Aspirator Hose Rest



NIH 3D Print Exchange

plaque.jpg Gold-Headed Cane

 Archives & Special Collections

School of Medicine


Cane Handle (Without Engraving)


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