Can I Reserve the Makers Lab for a Group Event?

Reserve the Makers Lab for team building and wellness activities. Choose from the list of activities below, led by Makers Lab staff.

Contact to inquire about pricing and to schedule an event. Costs include Makers Lab staff time, room reservation, and supplies.

buttonmaking.jpg   die-cut-2.jpg   cross-stitch-ml.jpg
Button making   Die-cut stickers/decals   Cross stitching
origami.jpg   Spherp.jpg   zine.jpg
Origami   Painting with a robot   Zine making
VR.jpg   ct2.jpg   upcycled-jewelry.jpg
Virtual reality   CT scan to 3D print training   Upcycled jewelry making
die-cutting.jpg   silcone.jpg   withrawnbook.jpg
Card making   Silicone suture pad making   Withdrawn book art
1DFB15E1-E1C3-4A28-895A-96F80D95A73A.JPG   felt.jpg   collage2.jpg
Mandala art for therapy   Felt crafting   Collage making
knitting.jpg   wood-carving.jpg   Zentangles.jpg
Knitting and arm knitting   3D wood carving   Zentangle art

And more!

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