Turnitin for Students

Turnitin is a plagiarism detection tool that can be accessed directly from within the CLE.  It helps instructors assess the originality of student work and ensure the proper citation of references by comparing students' electronic documents to a variety of online sources and to the Turnitin database. The software then creates an “originality report” that rates submitted assignments and highlights text that appears in its databases or elsewhere on the Internet.

Turnitin can be used via the CLE within a course assignment, PeerMark assignment, and Forum discussion. 


Turnitin Assignment Similarity Report PeerMark Turnitin Forums

Instructors may create different assignment types in Turnitin to help them evaluate the originality of students’ work by comparing electronic documents to online sources and the Turnitin database. When students complete a Turnitin assignment, the software returns a Similarity Report which rates submitted assignments and highlights text that appears elsewhere. 

Watch the video below to learn how to submit a Turnitin assignment:


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