Enable Turnitin Plagiarism Plugin for Forums

Turnitin is seamlessly integrated with the Forum activity in the CLE. Instructors can use Turnitin to assess student forum posts.

Enable Turnitin in a forum Review Student Submissions

To enable Turnitin in your CLE forums:

  1. Go to the course home page and click Turn editing on.
  2. Select Add an Activity or Resource in the section where you want to add the Turnitin activity.
  3. Select Forum and click Add.
  4. Enter a Forum name and Description.
  5. Scroll down to and click Turnitin plagiarism plugin settings.
  6. Set Enable Turnitin to Yes. (Tip: Please enable Turnitin prior to any student’s posting.)
  7. Optional: Set Display Originality Reports to Students to Yes if you want students to be able to see their Originality Report.
  8. Verify the Turnitin settings, then click Save and display or Save and return to course.


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