Free to UCSF faculty, staff, and students, the F1000 suite is an online reference manager, article recommendation service, and open science publication platform that integrates with Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

The F1000 suite includes:


Workspace is a platform to help biology and medical researchers discover and collect literature, manage references and prepare manuscripts, grant applications, posters, talks, etc. for submission. It consists of a web-based application, a browser extension, and a powerful plugin for Microsoft Word plus a lightweight desktop app for importing PDFs. The browser extension adds a special button to your browser you can use to save and annotate articles as you browse.

The Microsoft Word plugin allows you to easily insert citations, search for new references and even get smart citation recommendations. F1000Workspace integrates F1000Prime; the literature recommendation service powered F1000’s Faculty of experts in all areas of Biology and Medicine (now reaching 11,000 members). It also connects with F1000Research, F1000’s Open Science publishing platform which offers immediate publication followed by thorough, transparent post-publication peer review.

To get started, go to f1000workspace.com and create an account using your UCSF email.

F1000Workspace browser extension guidehttp://f1000.com/work/#/guide/collect
F1000Workspace Word plugin guidehttp://f1000.com/work/#/guide/write
F1000 Workspace has online tutorials https://f1000.com/work/faq/how-to-videos
General F1000Workspace help guidehttp://f1000.com/work/faq


Prime identifies and recommends important articles in biology and medical research publications. Articles are selected by a peer-nominated global 'Faculty' of the world's leading scientists and clinicians who then rate them and explain their importance.

To get started, go to f1000.com/prime and register.


Research is an Open Research publishing platform for scientists, scholars, and clinicians offering immediate publication of articles and other research outputs without editorial bias. All articles benefit from transparent peer review and the inclusion of all source data.

To get started, go to f1000research.com and register.


  •  Free to UCSF faculty, staff, and students
  •  Easy to learn and use
  •  Accessible from any computer
  •  Integrates with other F1000 products
  •  Integrates with Word and Google Docs
  •  Imports PDFs stored on your computer


  •  You will lose access if you leave UCSF
  •  Limited function when offline
  •  Need to authenticate with UCSF

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