Set up a Peer Review Assignment

A peer review assignment enables students to provide feedback on another student's assignment submission. Peer reviews are a tool that allows communication between students and can help students master the concepts of a course and learn from each other.

In the CLE, PeerMark is the peer review assignment tool. Instructors can create and manage assignments that allow students to read, review, and evaluate one or many papers submitted by their classmates. 

Some of the key features of PeerMark include:

  •  Instructors can choose whether the reviews are anonymous or attributed;
  • papers can be assigned automatically, manually selected by the instructor, or self-selected by the student;
  • students can be paired by the instructor, with multiple reviewers;
  • non-submitting students can be allowed to review papers;
  • students can write reviews by responding to free-response or scale questions set by the instructor;
  • instructors can add libraries of questions for easy inclusion into PeerMark assignments;
  • questions can be edited, deleted or reordered.
Set Up PeerMark Assignment Access a Peermark Review
Turnitin Overview for Faculty Create a Turnitin Assignment if you have not yet done so.


  1. Click on an existing Turnitin assignment, or create a new one. The Submission Inbox page will open.
  2. In the Submission Inbox page, Launch Peermark Manager from the green icon in the PeerMark Assignments row. The PeerMark Assignment Inbox will open. PeerMark Assignment Inbox
  3. In the PeerMark Assignment Inbox, 
    • Enter a Title
    • Enter Instructions
    • Assign a Point Value
    • Specify a Start Date, Due Date and Feedback Release Date. PeerMark Assignment tab interface
  4. Click Additional Settings for more options and choose your settings. Additional Settings
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the settings page and click the Save & Continue button to save your settings. This will navigate back to the PeerMark Assignment Inbox.


  1. On the PeerMark Assignment Inbox, click the PeerMark Questions tab to Add Questions or manage question libraries. Here you can add questions to guide the student reviewer throughout the PeerMark Assignment activity.  PeerMark Questions
  2. On the PeerMark Assignment Inbox, click the Distribution tab to manually set up the distribution of papers to students, rather than allow the system to distribute them. Distribution tab

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