PeerMark Turnitin Assignment

PeerMark is a peer review assignment tool. Instructors can create and manage assignments that allow students to read, review, and evaluate one or many papers submitted by their classmates. With the advanced options in PeerMark instructors can choose whether the reviews are anonymous or attributed.

Some of the key features of PeerMark include:

  • papers can be assigned automatically, manually selected by the instructor, or self-selected by the student;
  • students can be paired by the instructor, with multiple reviewers;
  • non-submitting students can be allowed to review papers;
  • students can write reviews by responding to free-response or scale questions set by the instructor;
  • instructors can add libraries of questions for easy inclusion into PeerMark assignments;
  • questions can be edited, deleted or reordered.


Basic Stages Set Up Assignment  View a Peermark Review
  • The instructor creates a Turnitin paper assignment.
  • The instructor creates a PeerMark assignment and sets the number of papers students will be required to review, and creates free response and scale questions for students to respond to while reviewing papers.
  • Student papers are submitted to the Turnitin assignment.
  • On the PeerMark assignment start date, students begin writing peer reviews.
  • For each assigned paper students write reviews by responding to the free response and scale questions.
  • Students receive reviews as other students complete them.
  • Once the PeerMark assignment due date passes no more reviews can be written, completed, or edited by the writer


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