Carvey 3D Carver


Carvey is a 3D carving machine, also known as a CNC router, that uses a subtractive process to create 3D sculptures and anything you can imagine.

Attending the monthly Carvey pop-up is required prior to using the Carvey. If you would like to reserve the Carvey please email us at: makerslab@ucsf.


Before using Carvey you must create an account at The web based platform allows you to log in from any computer to access your designs and get carving. 

  1. Select your medium, medium size, and bit sizeScreenshot_of_Google_Chrome__8-2-19__12-40-25_PM_.png
  2. Make or import (SVG and g-code accepted) your design

There is no need to save, as this happens automatically in the background on the Easel website.

Using Carvey

Connect your computer to Carvey with a USB cable, log into Easel, and open your design.

  1. Power on Carvey (switch is located on the right side in the back near the top)
  2. In Easel click the Carve button at the top-right
  3. Follow the prompts carefully for confirmation of dimensions, medium, and securing your medium
  4. Carve

When done we ask that you use the vacuum to clean as best you can inside and around Carvey.

See more Carvey resources and the safety manual.

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