Embedding a Presentation in the CLE

You can embed externally created Articulate or Storyline presentations (as a zip file) following the directions below. This embeds the presentation folder and it's contents into your course.

There are browser inconsistencies. Better user experiences have been tested in Chrome and Firefox. Safari is not recommended.

  1. Navigate to your course and turn editing on
  2. Add a File resource and give it a Name
  3. Drag and drop your Articulate zip file into Select files area
  4. Click on the zip file, and in the edit window choose Unzip
  5. Once the file is unzipped locate the main content folder (blue folder) and click the .html file within

    There may be more than one .html file. In our tests the file with "html5" in the title has worked well

  6. Choose Set as main file and Update

  7. Click Save and display

If edits are needed to the presentation one would have to revisit the authoring application, export another .zip file, and perform the steps above again

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