CLE Dashboard

The Dashboard is a customizable page that provides users with details of their progress and upcoming deadlines. In the center is the course overview block which allows students and teachers to easily track required activities and filter courses.

The dashboard is the first screen that appears upon logging into the CLE. If course images have been added in the course settings, they will display in the dashboard. Where no images have been added, colored patterns appear. 

Customize Course Overview  Starred Courses Recently Accessed Courses

Customize the Dashboard 

The dashboard is customizable - users can move, hide, or remove  blocks. To customize the dashboard:
  1. Click Customize this page on the top right.

Customize this page 

      2. Click the gear icon located at the top right of each block and click the drop down menu to customize the block as needed.

Customize Dashboard

Reset the dashboard to default. 

If the customized dashboard can't serves your purpose anymore, you can always reset the dashboard the default by clicking Reset page to default.

Reset Dashboard to Default

Add Blocks to your Dashboard

You can customize the CLE dashboard by adding blocks. From the CLE dashboard, make sure the menu is open and then click on the Add a Block as seen below:

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