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The CLE uses the term “Quiz,” for the activity, but do not be mistaken – the Quiz activity is a robust online assessment tool that can be used for self-evaluations, tests, exams, mid-terms, and finals.

A quiz is made up of a combination of question types, including multiple-choice, true-false, short answer, essay, and more. The Quiz activity pulls questions from a question bank, which faculty and course staff can use to create, preview, edit, and organize questions in any number of categories.

After students have completed a quiz, faculty and course staff have access to a number of reports, including a statistical analysis of the quiz. The majority of question-types are automatically graded in the CLE, except for essay questions that require manual grading.

Audience: Managers, Instructors, Course Assistants, Content Assistants, and Grading Assistants.

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Create a quiz

Creating a quiz in the CLE is a two-part process. The instructions below cover the first part – adding a quiz to a CLE course and configuring the quiz settings. The second part of the quiz-making process is adding questions to the quiz, which is covered in the Add Questions tab above. Visit Moodle Docs to view an abbreviated quick guide for managing the Quiz activity.

Let’s create a final exam in our CLE course using the Quiz activity. Here is the criterion for the final exam:

  • Students can start the final exam on October 12 at 8am and must finish by October 12 at 5pm
  • Students have a 120-minute time limit to complete the final exam and are allowed only one attempt
  • Students will be able to see their final exam score after the exam closes on October 12 at 5pm and can review their attempt for 24 hours after the close time

To add a quiz to a CLE course:

  1. Log in to the CLE (
  2. Go to the CLE course where you would like to add the quiz
  3. From the gear icon at the top-right, select Turn editing on
  4. In the section where the quiz should be located, click the Add an activity or resource link (you can always move the quiz to another location later)
  5. From the list of Activities and Resources, select Quiz, then scroll to the bottom of the window and click Add

Continue creating the quiz up on the Adding a new Quiz page as documented below. Click a link below to skip to a specific section on the Edit Settings page:

General section

Configure general information for the quiz, such as a name and quiz description.


  1. Click the Expand all link to expand all sections on the Edit Settings page
  2. The Name will appear on the home page of the course, navigation menu, logs, and other areas that link to the quiz
  3. In the Description field type instructions, background information, an honor code, etc., for the quiz. Select to Display description on course page checkbox to display the text directly on the CLE course page, below the quiz name

Timing section

Configure when students can attempt the quiz, set a time limit, and configure other time-related settings.


  1. Choose to specify a window of time when students can attempt the quiz. Prior to the open time, students will not see a Start Attempt button and will not be able to attempt the quiz Students must also complete the quiz by the time entered in the close time. To configure an Open and Close time, first select the enable checkbox and then enter the times and dates
  2. By default quizzes do not have a time limit, which provides students with as much time as they need to complete the quiz, or within the Open and Close times if enabled. Select the enable checkbox to enter a time limit (in minutes) for the quiz. Note that the quiz will close when the time limit expires or when the student reaches the close time, whichever comes first
  3. Choose what happens when time expires during a quiz. The default Open attempts are submitted automatically is recommended as this is how a student typically expect a quiz to behave when the time limit or close time approaches
  4. If you have selected There is a grace period when open attempts can be submitted, but no more questions answered from the When Time Expires drop-down, enter a grace period in the Submission grade period field

Grade section

Configure grade settings for the quiz as well as where the activity displays in the gradebook.


  1. If you use gradebook categories in the course, assign the quiz to a Grade category using the drop-down
  2. Faculty typically leave the Attempts allowed set to the default one attempt for graded quizzes. You can provide students with as many attempts as you like, even unlimited
  3. If the quiz allows multiple attempts, choose a Grading method, or how the attempts will be scored and reported in the gradebook (e.g. highest grade, average grade, first, last attempt)

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