Add a Quiz to the CLE

The Quiz activity in the CLE is a robust online assessment tool that can be used for self-evaluations, tests, exams, mid-terms, and finals.

A quiz is made up of a combination of question types, including multiple-choice, true-false, short answer, essay, and more. The Quiz activity pulls questions from a question bank, which faculty and course staff can use to create, preview, edit, and organize questions in any number of categories.

After students have completed a quiz, faculty and course staff have access to a number of reports, including a statistical analysis of the quiz. The majority of question-types are automatically graded in the CLE, except for essay questions that require manual grading.

Add a Quiz Configure Quiz settings Add a Question

To begin, add a quiz activity to your CLE course by following the steps below:

To add a quiz to a CLE course:

  1. Log in to the CLE (
  2. Go to the CLE course where you would like to add the quiz
  3. From the gear icon at the top-right, select Turn editing on
  4. In the section where the quiz should be located, click the Add an activity or resource link (you can always move the quiz to another location later)
  5. From the list of Activities and Resources, select Quiz, then scroll to the bottom of the window and click Add.


  6. Enter a name and (optional) description, then configure the settings as make sense for your quiz. To learn about settings, open the Configure Quiz Settings tab.

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