Manage a CLE Course Question Bank

The Question Bank is a great resource for managing CLE quiz questions. Every CLE course has a question bank that can be organized into categories and subcategories. This is helpful for managing and building quizzes from quarter to quarter, as well as for tracking objectives.

To access and manage a question bank in a CLE course:

  1. Log in to the CLE (
  2. Go to the CLE course to manage the question bank.
  3. From the gear icon at the top right of the screen, click More...
  4. Click Questions next to Question bank


Clicking the Questions link takes you to the question bank and displays all of the questions in the course. From this page you can create a new question, edit questions, and move questions from one category to another.



Clicking the Categories tab takes you to the question bank categories. From this page you can organize questions into categories that can shuffled, randomized, and managed. Categories and sub-categories are very powerful when combined with randomized quiz questions that can be selected either from a single category or from a collection of sub-categories


Question bank tips:

  • Put descriptive information in the question name so you can quickly identify the question. The question name is never displayed to students before, during, or after a quiz. This is especially useful if you are managing a large question bank.
  • Create question categories and sub categories – it is better than keeping all your questions in one large category.
  • Use special characters in the question name to indicate the status of question. For example, an * may indicate that the question is currently being developed and should not be used in a current quiz. 
  • Questions can be assigned to a category while being created and can be moved from one category to another any time after the question has been added to the question bank.
  • Ensure that each category contains a variety of good questions, allowing you to randomize questions, asking different questions to each student for the same quiz.

Question bank resources:

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