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media@ucsf uploaded videoMedia@UCSF is an online video hosting platform powered by Kaltura. The platform is integrated with the campus learning management system, the CLE, and provides the academic community with a centralized system for managing and distributing digital video content.

Instructors, students, and staff can utilize its features within the CLE. For example: instructors can post course introduction videos, accept videos from students for grading, and embed videos in quizzes. Students can share videos with their classmates in a course Media Gallery or forum.

Additional benefits:

  • Optimized - Media is automatically optimized for streaming playback to accommodate different browsers and Internet connection speeds.
  • No plugins - Viewers do not need special browser plugins to play videos.
  • User-controlled - Uploaded media is stored in the owner's personal repository, and that media can be shared in multiple CLE courses.
  • File types - Most common video file types are accepted, including MP4, MOV, AVI and more. Audio and image files are also accepted, including MP3, WAV, PNG, GIF and JPEG.
  • Record - In addition to uploading, Media@UCSF provides free access to tools for recording video from your laptop and smartphone.

Please note: Media@UCSF is not a file storage repository. Only videos that are actively shared with others in the CLE should be uploaded to the system. If you wish to backup or store video files, please use UCSF Box or OneDrive.

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