Westcott LED Lights

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led light kitThe Library Tech Commons offers a collection of audio/visual hardware for a variety of video production needs. Equipment can be checked out by UCSF faculty, staff and students.

The Westcott Flex Bi-Color LED Lights kit is portable and versatile. A dimmer allows full control over brightness and color temperature of the lights. LED lights are cool to the touch, lightweight, and durable. With the optional battery kit, the lights can even operate independent of a power outlet.

Use cases for this device include:

  • Video interview – Light both the interviewee and interviewer, and adjust the temperature of the LED lights to match ambient light in the room.
  • Portrait shoot – Light individuals or small groups.
  • Lab demonstration – Light in open spaces like a lab, or in tight spaces like a clinic room or office.
  • Outdoor shoot – Light on-location, powering the light with the portable batteries from the battery kit.

Pairs with: Canon Vixia camera kit.

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