Creating a Custom Forum


Forums can help engage students by providing a place for asynchronous discussion outside of class time. By turning on the Forum Ratings feature, an instructor can also provide grades to students based on the quality or quantity of their participation in the forums.

To create a Forum in a CLE course:

  1. Log in to the CLE (
  2. Go to the CLE course where you would like to add the Forum
  3. From the gear icon at the top-right select Turn editing on
  4. Inside the course section where the Forum should be displayed, click the Add an activity or resource link
  5. In the Activities section select the Forum activity type, then scroll to the bottom of the list and click Add. This will take you to your new Forum’s settings page
  6. Enter a Name for your Forum. The text entered here will be the link students will click on to enter the Forum.
  7. Enter a Description; this is a good place to enter information about which topics you would like students to discuss in this particular forum. The description will be displayed to students after they click to enter the activity; you can also choose to display it on the front page of your course by checking the box
  8. Select a Forum type from the drop-down menu. Most courses will use the default option (Standard forum for general use), but additional options are available. For a brief description of each option, click the Help icon
  9. Users within a course are given the option to subscribe to a forum, and receive all posts made to that forum by email. Instructors can change this behavior using the Subscription mode drop-down menu. For a brief description of the other options available, click the Help icon next to Subscription Mode.
  10. Read-tracking allows a user to quickly see whether there are new posts inside a Forum that they have not yet read.

    By default, this is set to Optional, which means the system will respect the preferences in each user’s Moodle profile. Instructors can use this option to force read-tracking on or off for all users in a course, regardless of how their individual preferences are configured.

  11. Additionally, an Instructor can adjust the maximum attachment size and the maximum number of attachments allowed on an individual post within a forum. The 500KB default attachment limit will accommodate most file types; however, if users are attaching large files (such as video files) to their forum posts, this limit can be increased up to the current file upload limit. Alternatively, an Instructor can use this drop down to prevent students from attaching files to their forum posts
  12. To continue, scroll down to the Ratings area of the settings page. By turning on the Forum Ratings feature, an instructor can also provide grades to students based on the quality or quantity of their participation in the forums

    By default, only those with elevated privileges in a course can provide ratings to student postings; if you would like to use the ratings system for a peer-evaluation activity, in which students can rate other students’ postings, please connect with your category manager for information.

  13. First, select an aggregation method from the Aggregate type drop-down menu. This controls how ratings are translated into a grade for each student. Next, select the Scale you would like to use for this forum; this determines what options you’ll see when giving a rating to a student’s post.
  14. To continue, scroll down to the Restrict access area of the settings page
  15. To finish creating your forum, click Save and display. This will save the forum and bring you into the forum’s front page. Review your forum’s description to make sure it reflects the information your students need to participate in the forum

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