View Student Grades in the CLE

If your instructor has enabled the gradebook in your course, CLE makes it easy to see your grades through a customized report that will show you all currently graded assignments. 

You can view your grades in a particular course as well as view your current grades in all your CLE courses.

View Grades in Single Course View All Course Grades

View Grades in a Single Course

  1. Log in to the CLE ( and navigate to a course.
  2. On the course homepage, in the Navigation tray toggle (hamburger menu , top left) click Grades. The User report page opens to show all graded activities where your grades have been released, as well as feedback from your instructor (if any). Remember, instructors can control when you see grades for specific activities, so if you do not see all your grades, they are probably hidden until your instructor opens them to you.
  3. At the bottom of the list of graded activities, you may see, if your instructor has released it, your Course total (a running total of your current standing in a course). Depending on how your instructor set up the gradebook, scores may be displayed as points, as percentages, as letter grades, or a combination thereof. Grader_report.gif


Not all instructors use the Moodle gradebook, and often instructors will wait until the entire class has completed work before releasing grades.


Have questions or do not see a grade for this course or a specific assignment? Contact the faculty of record to see if the course or activity grades are available to students.

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