Adding a Label


The Label resource can be used to display text, images, or even videos on a CLE course page. Managers, instructors, and content assistants can add a Label to the CLE. 

While the Label is one of the most straightforward resources in the CLE, you can greatly improve the design of your CLE course with Labels.

To add a Label to your CLE course:

  1. Log in to the CLE (
  2. Go to the CLE course where you would like to add text, images, videos, or any combination of the three. For this example, we will add an image and text to a CLE course page
  3. Click on the Turn editing on button
  4. Inside the course section where the Label should be displayed, click the Add an activity or resource link
  5. In the window that appears, find the Resources section. Select the Label resource type, then scroll to the bottom of the list and click Add. This will take you to the settings page for the new Label

  6. Enter and format the text and image in the Label text box
  7. Click the Save and return to course button

The Label will now display in the CLE course. Use the arrows (with editing turned on) to move the Label to a different section in the course.


With editing turned on in the course, click Edit to Edit, Move right (indent), Hide, Duplicate, Assign Roles (restrict access), or Delete the Label.



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