Add a Quickmail Block in a CLE Course

Instructors in CLE courses may find Quickmail a convenient alternative to communicating with students via email. The Quickmail block can be configured to allow students to send Quickmail messages. Quickmail messages are viewed in the email mailbox of the recipient and not inside of the CLE.

Add the Quickmail Block Configure the Quickmail Block Use the Quickmail Block Remove the Quickmail Block

Add the Quickmail Block

Only the Manager, Instructor, and Content Assistant roles can add the Quickmail block to a CLE course.

  1. Log in to the CLE (
  2. Go to the CLE course where you would like to add the Quickmail block
  3. From the gear icon at the top-right, click Turn editing on
  4. Near the bottom-left of the page, find the Add a Block button

  5. From the menu, scroll down the list, and choose Quickmail
  6. After a moment, the window will refresh, and the Quickmail block will be located on the right

To move the block to a new location, use the move icon located in the top-right portion of the Quickmail block (with editing turned on). Moving this block will affect all visitors to your course.

Configure Quickmail 

Configuration settings allows you to change the default behavior of the Quickmail block. For example, the default setting for the Quickmail block prevents students from sending Quickmail messages in a CLE course.

  1. Navigate to the Quickmail Block
  2. Click Configuration
  3. Choose to allow students to use Quickmail by changing the default from No to Yes. Using default setting (No), students can only receive Quickmail messages, and cannot send
  4. From the Filter by Role box, choose the roles you would like to filter by when sending a Quickmail message to quickly communicate in large classes
  5. From the Prepend drop-down menu, choose to prepend the CLE course short name or the CLE course ID to the title of the Quickmail message
  6. Select No from the Receive a copy drop-down menu if you do not want to copy the sender on Quickmail messages by default. This can be changed later when sending individual Quickmail messages
  7. Save changes

Create a Quickmail Signature

  1. From the Quickmail block, click Signatures
  2. Enter a Title
  3. Compose your Signature
  4. To make default, check the Default checkbox
  5. Save changes

When composing Quickmail messages, you will now be able to select and include this signature – even from other CLE courses that use the Quickmail block


Setup an Alternate Email 

Managers, Instructors, Content and Grading Assistants can setup an alternate email address to send Quickmail messages.

When an alternate email is used in a Quickmail message, such as a Gmail account, it will appear as the “reply-to” address in the message. Using a valid UCSF email address is always recommended to help simplify support requests.

  1. mceclip4.png
  2. If you have not previously set up an alternate email, click Continue
  3. Enter an alternate email in the Email Address field
  4. Save Changes
  5. The following message will display “Alternate address [email address] has been saved. An email to verify that the address is valid has been sent to [email address]. Instructions on how to activate the address is contained in its contents”
  6. In a separate browser window, navigate to the inbox for the alternate email address.
  7. Find the following email from Moodle: Quickmail, with the subject link “Alternate email address verification”
  8. Verify that you would like to use the alternate email address by clicking the link provided in the email
  9. Once you have verified the alternate address, it can be used in Quickmail messages
  10. You will return to the Alternate Email page, where you can view, edit, or add additional alternate emails
  11. When composing a Quickmail message, you will now be able to send the message from this alternate email address

Use of an alternate email address only affects the “Reply-to” for emails sent from Quickmail. The email used in instructor’s CLE Profiles will be used for all other CLE-generated emails and messages. If the Quickmail block is configured to allow student use, Quickmail messages sent to the instructor will go to the email address associated with their CLE profile, and not the alternate email address.

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