Importing CLE Course Content

To import content from one CLE course to another, you will need to have the Instructor or Manager role in both courses. This is typically how faculty and course staff bring activities and resources like Quizzes, Forums, etc., into a new CLE course from a previous quarter.

  1. Navigate to the new CLE course you want to import content into
  2. Click the gear icon located toward the top right of your course
  3. From the Administration block, click Import
  4. Search for and select the course you wish to copy content from (use a simple search, like the course short name), select the radio button next to the course name, and then click Continue
  5. Check the boxes next to the type of content you wish to copy (you can leave all boxes checked, though filters are rarely used in CLE courses) and click Next
  6. Check/un-check boxes next to the specific activities and resources you want to import – just leave all boxes checked if you are importing the whole course. Click Next when done
  7. Follow the continue/next prompts, and that’s it! You will see the progress of the course import and this can take a few moments, depending on the size of the course. You should see the “Import complete” message when the process is done
  8. Click Continue to return to the course

Please note that user data will not be copied over in a course import. This allows a new group of students to be enrolled and interact with the content with a fresh start. If you wish to import user data, please contact us.

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