Using the EZproxy Bookmarklet

Direct access to Elsevier journal articles published since 2019 is unavailable.

See Alternative Access: How to Get the PDF

How to install

To install the bookmarklet, simply drag the Reload via EZproxy button below to your browser toolbar.

Reload via EZproxy

How to use

While viewing an article page from places like ScienceDirect or PubMed, click the Reload via EZproxy button in your browser toolbar. It will prompt you to log into MyAccess and identify you as UCSF thereby allowing you to see the full text.

What is EZproxy?

EZproxy authentication software enables you to get full text using your UCSF credentials. The bookmarklet is most helpful if you often search for articles when you’re not on the UCSF network, and you have not started from your search from

Embed EZproxy within links to journal articles

See How to Construct Links to UC-Licensed Resources.

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