Manage Participants and Enrollment in a CLE Course

Instructors and Managers can choose from multiple enrollment methods to grant users access to a CLE course. All enrollment methods require users to log in with a UCSF MyAccess account, with one exception; Guest access, which only grants partial access to course materials.

Regardless of the enrollment method(s) applied, CLE courses are hidden from students by default. To grant students access to your course after they are enrolled, click on the gear icon at the top-right, choose Edit Settings, and make sure the Visible drop-down is set to Show.

Participants Enrollments Cohort

The Participants page enables instructors and course staff to easily enroll, view, search for, filter, edit and, delete course participants all from a single page.

The Participants page can be accessed from the navigation drawer at the top-left of the CLE page.


Participants can also be accessed by clicking on the gear icon at the top-right of the course -> More -> Users tab -> Enrolled users

The Participants page


The participant page provides a clean layout that allows instructors to easily enroll, view, search for, filter, edit and delete course participants. View the image and list of features below:

  1. Search drop-down menu to filter users by period of activity, enrollment method, group, role and status
  2. Search for users by filtering by first and last name
  3. Click the gear icon to select an enrollment method, edit groups, edit course permissions, and check permissions for users in your course. Click on Other Users to view a list of users that are not enrolled in this course but do have roles, inherited or assigned within it
  4. The Status column indicates if a student is active, click the i icon to reveal enrollment details, click the gear icon to edit enrollment, click the trash can to unenroll users
  5. Bulk select users in your course and then choose if you would like to send them a message, edit selected user enrollments or delete the selected users from your course
  6. Click enroll users to manually enroll users in your course

Enroll users

To Manually enroll students:

  1. Open that navigation drawer and click Participants
  2. Click the Enroll users button at the top right or bottom left of the page. The Enroll users window will open

  3. If adding individual users, select users and enter the name or the ID# for the student or employee. Click Select Cohort If you are enrolling a cohort
  4. Click Show More to expand the enrollment options and set them as appropriate. These include the enrollment duration
  5. Click the Enroll Selected Users and Cohorts button towards the bottom of the window to complete enrollment

The user will then appear in the list of enrolled users.

Delete users

To delete users from a course:

  1. Open that navigation drawer and click Participants
  2. The Participants page will open
  3. Search for the student/user that you would like to delete and click the trash can located on the far right
  4. The student or user will be removed from the course.

Select enrollment methods

  1. Open that navigation drawer and click Participants
  2. Click the gear icon located on the top right of your screen
  3. Select Enrollment Methods from the drop down menu. The enrollment methods window will open.
  4. In Add method select the enrollment method


Click the trash can icon to delete an enrollment method, click the eye icon to enable or disable an enrollment and click the gear icon to make edits.

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