CLE Role Overview

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UCSF students, faculty, and staff are enrolled in CLE courses with assigned roles. Roles dictate what you can and cannot do in a CLE course.

This document includes an overview of the roles available in CLE courses and collaboration spaces, along with a brief description of what each role allows a user to do within a course. Instructions on enrolling students in your CLE course can be found in the Manage Participants and Enrollments.

Course-Based Roles

The following roles are used in CLE courses and see below for detailed role descriptions. Screen-Shot-2016-05-24-at-3.55.27-PM.png

Courses are managed by Category Managers, whom can perform actions higher than that of Managers and Instructors. If you are a Manager or Instructor and need to change something in your course but don't have the ability, please connect with your Category Manager.

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