CLE Global Search Tool

You can use Global Search in the CLE to find CLE users, courses, activities, resources, and even text within resources and activities.

All users have access to search, but results will only display content from courses that you are enrolled in.
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Searches can be launched from any page in the CLE.

  1. Hover over the magnifying glass found in the top-right of any page and click to reveal the search bar  Search Bar Magnifying Glass
  2. Type a keyword or keywords and press the RETURN key on your keyboard to begin the search
  3. Browse the results, and click the title (in bold) of a result to open its page

Search results are displayed in three parts.

  • Title – The name of item that matches your search, or the container in which your result was found (i.e. the name of the activity in which the text was found)
  • Preview text – A preview of the content surrounding the search result
  • Contextual links – “Breadcrumb” trail, or path of links that leads to the search result

Global Search Results

To restrict your search results, edit the filters available on the search results page.

  • Title: Restrict your search to items with names that match your keywords (i.e. if you want to find John Doe’s profile page, but not forum posts in which his name is mentioned).
  • Searched area: Restrict your search to selected types of items (i.e. search only forums, or only for courses in your “My courses” list). You can set multiple items for your search.
  • Courses: Restrict your search to content within a specific course. You can set multiple courses for your search.
  • Modified after: Restrict your search to items that were created or changed after a specific date.
  • Modified before: Restrict your search to items that were created or changed before a specific date.

Global Search Filters

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