CLE Preferences

Review and modify all your preferences from one page! The Preferences page gives you quick access to various settings you want to edit.

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Access the Preferences Page

The Preferences page can be accessed directly by clicking on your username on the top right of the CLE course page and then clicking Preferences.


You can also access preferences from your profile page. 

Review the Preferences Page

When you access the preferences page, you will see a list of settings that you can adjust to help you use the CLE. Review the sections below to learn more about the various settings.



1. Edit Profile

Update your profile settings to add a picture, description or personal statement, list your interests, or display an alternate name or phonetic spelling.

Learn how to edit your profile in the CLE.

2. Preferred Language

This setting displays the preferred language for the CLE interface, which is set to English by default.

3. Forum Preferences

Email digest type

This setting determines how you receive any posts from Forums to which you are subscribed, allowing you to receive messages individually or on a daily basis.


This setting determines how you receive any posts from Forums to which you are subscribed, allowing you to receive messages individually or on a daily basis.

Forum auto-subscribe

This setting lets you decide if you want email copies of posts that are added to forums. If you set this to subscribe, the system will automatically email you copies of new posts in discussions that you post in, unless you manually override it when posting.

Forum tracking

Enabling forum tracking means highlighting the posts you have not read yet, which should improve your forum navigation.

4. Editor Preferences


The Atto HTML editor is the default editor in the CLE;  you have the option to set TinyMCE editor as default.

The Atto editor is set as the default editor because it improves usability and accessibility, and is also mobile-friendly. 

5. Course Preferences

The Course Preferences section is set by default to enable the CLE_01-10_CLE_Preferences_06.pngactivity chooser dialog box. The activity chooser is a dialog box that is used to add activity or resources to your course. It includes a short description of each activity and resource.

The dialog box is only available to course Managers, Instructors, Editors, and Administrators. If the activity chooser is disabled, separate CLE_01-10_CLE_Preferences_07.pngresource and activity drop down menus are provided instead.

6. Calendar Preferences


Here you can set the time format, first day of the week, number of events to show in the calendar block, days to look forward for events and if the filters on this calendar should be saved as the default for all calendars.

7. Security Keys

A security key or token enables other systems to access the CLE securely. A security key is typically used for secure RSS feeds or web services.

8. Message Preferences

Messaging allows instructors, course staff, and students to send private messages to anyone in the CLE. Adjust your preferences to choose whether you are notified via email or through direct mobile notifications.

Learn more about messaging settings

9. Notification Preferences

Notifications keep you up to date so you never miss a thing, like forum posts, assignments, and more. Adjust your notifications settings to select which activities you’ll be notified about either through the web, by email, or on your mobile device.

Learn more about Notification settings.

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