CLE Notifications

Located at the top right of the screen, notifications alert teachers, students, and other users about events in Moodle such as new forum posts, assignments and more.


Review Notifications

1. Locate the notification icon in the upper right of a CLE course.  


2. Click the notification icon to review course notifications.


3. Click "See all" displays the notification in a full list, whereas clicking the main body of the notification will take you to the location in Moodle that the event happened, as in this example, to the "Assignment for Section 3".


Customize Notification Preferences

You can adjust your notifications settings to select which activities you’ll be notified about and you also have the option of being notified by email or the web.

To access the preferences setting:

1. Click the notifications icon.


2. From the displayed notification page, click the gear icon to access the notification preference page. 


3. Turn on the online and offline notification for the Web, Email, and Mobile as you wish. 



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