CLE Course Request

We are able to support CLE use for academic programs and other courses that have an academic format and mission. But we are unable to support staff training initiatives. 

An academic course is:

  • in the UCSF course catalog
  • offered by a school or other academic program to UCSF students
  • part of the curriculum of a UCSF degree-granting program

Questions to consider before requesting a course include:

  • What UCSF Department is offering the course/training?
  • Is this a single course or a whole program?
  • Who is the intended audience?
    • UCSF students
    • UCSF staff
    • UCSF faculty
    • UCSF Postdocs
    • UCSF residents or fellows
    • external learners - open enrollment
    • external learners - restricted (e.g. work in a specific organization that is contracted to take this course)
  • What features of the CLE features do you expect to use? e.g. posting content, quizzes and other assessments, video delivery, discussion forums and other
  • Who will build and maintain the courses? Who will handle learner enrollment, questions, etc.?

If you would like to request a course on the CLE please click the link below and fill out the course request form.

Course Request Form

After this has been submitted the CLE team will review the request and follow up with you.

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