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UCSF Library global search tutorial

Quotation marks around "interprofessional education" will find results with that exact phrase.

Boolean logic:
Global search understands AND, OR and NOT, write these in ALL CAPS. Group words combined with OR within parentheses (  ). Example: (warts OR verruca) AND “duct tape”

  • AND finds items with all terms in the search. ibuprofen AND acetaminophen return items that contain both terms.
  • OR finds items with any of the words. For example, ibuprofen OR acetaminophen will return items that contain either term.
  • NOT excludes a term. When used in the query human NOT animal, the results will not include the term animal. Use this sparingly.

Wildcards such as ? and * take the place of letter(s)

  • Find Olsen or Olson by searching for Ols?n. ? takes the place of a single letter
  • Orthop*dics will find orthopedics or its British equivalent orthopaedics. The asterisk (*) will match zero or more characters within a word or at the end of a word. Wildcards cannot be used as the first character of a search.

Searching Specific Fields
You can specify which field to search by using the format: field:(query).

For example, Publication Title:(Academic Medicine) finds articles from the journal Academic Medicine.

Commonly searched fields:

  • Title
  • Author
  • PublicationTitle
  • SubjectTerms
  • DOI
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