Getting Access to UC-Licensed Resources

Direct access to Elsevier journal articles published since 2019 is unavailable.

See how to get the PDF.

Ways to get full-text access through your UCSF credentials:

  • Easiest way: start your search from the UCSF Library website for built-in authentication. Or are you trying to use a mobile app?
  • Or bookmark 
and for easy access to full-text articles.
  • When you're on campus, use the UCSFwpa WiFi network
  • If you're off-campus or off-network, we recommend installing the EZproxy bookmarklet
  • Whenever you see the UC-eLinks button: Yellow UC-eLinks button it will take you through a sequence of steps that will link you to UC-licensed ejournals and other full-text resources. Use the link(s) under Get it Online From to get the full-text.

    UC-eLinks interface: Get it Online

Looking for resources outside of the UC system?

If you can’t get an article in your usual way, these tips may help you locate an openly accessible version. See Alternative Access: How to Get the PDF

Trying to construct links to UC-Licenses Resources? See Create Links to UC-Licensed Resources.

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