Use Grade Category in the CLE Gradebook

The grade category allows you to group assignments together, calculate subtotals, and drop the lowest score in the category. There is no limit to the level of nesting of categories (a category may belong to another category). However, each grade item may belong to only one category. 

 After you have populated your course home page with grade items to the gradebook, you can add grade categories to organize grade items for all participants in the CLE.

Add a grade category Move grade items into categories
  1. Login the CLE (,  and go to the course that you would like to use the grade category.
  2. In the CLE course, click Grades in the navigation menu. This will navigate you to the grader report page of the gradebook. 



  3. On the Grader Report page, click Setup tab. This will navigate you to the Gradebook setup page.


  4. On the Gradebook Setup page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add Category. The new category page will open. 


  5. Enter a Category name and select category options. (Click headings to open collapsed settings areas, and click Show more... to view and adjust additional settings under a heading.)
    Important options include:
      • Aggregation: The default aggregation method is Natural, which can function as Sum of grade, mean of grades, weighted mean of grade,  with or without extra credit, depending on instructor needs. Click the Natural Aggregation to learn more.  We do not recommend you change it.
    If you kept importing a CLE course from a previous course, you may find that the gradebook defaults to the older aggregation method, “Simple Weighted Mean of Grades” instead of “Natural”.  We highly recommend you export the gradebook as a backup and change the aggregation method to Natural
      • Exclude empty grades: (Selected by default) If checked, empty grades are not aggregated into grade calculations (i.e., CLE assumes that the assignment has not yet been graded or assigned and therefore should not yet count against students). If unchecked, empty grades are calculated as "0."
      • Drop the lowest: Exclude a set number of grade items with the lowest value from being calculated in the category total.
    1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save changes.
    2. The grade book will automatically recalculate the subtotals for categories based on the aggregation method selected, and the course total based on the default (Natural) aggregation method.


    3. Click Continue to go back to the gradebook setup page.
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