Gradebook Views

When you first access the gradebook by clicking on “Grades” under the Navigation box, the Grader Report view is shown as the default. There are numerous views and screens available of the gradebook. This page will introduce you to the views that are commonly used.  

Use the navigation tabs across the top-center of the page to switch between grade reports and gradebook settings.

The View tab

Screen shot of Grader report

  • Grader report shows the complete gradebook for the entire class, including all graded activities created for the course. This view shows all the grades for all the students in the course, with scrollbars along the right side and the bottom for classes with a large number of students and/or assignments.  To sort the students by a grade column, click on the arrow symbol next to the column name.  To record students' grades from the grader report, check out Record Grades in the CLE.  


  • Grade history shows a complete report of all grades entered and changed for the course. This can be particularly useful if there are multiple people grading in one course.
  • Overview report lists all the courses a student is enrolled in together with the total grade for each course. Use the drop-down (top-right) to select a particular student.
  • Single view allows you to enter grades for all students for a particular activity, or grades for a particular student for all activities.
  • User report shows a grade report for a particular student. This is the same view that students have of their grades. Use the drop-down (top-right) to select a particular student.

The Setup tab

Sceen shot of Gradebook setup

  • Gradebook setup controls the arrangement of your gradebook columns and how grades are calculated. Check out Set up the Gradebook to learn more.  


  • Course grade settings determine how the gradebook appears for all participants in the course.
  • Peferences: Grader report lets you customize your personal view of the Grader report (e.g., how many students are shown per page).
    Note: Settings made under Preferences: Grader report apply to all courses you teach.

Scales tab 

Setup and manage scales, such as Pass/Fail/Incomplete or 5-star scale. For more information, check out Scales.


Display letter grade in the CLE. For example, set 90% to as an A, and 80% and above as a B. To display grade letters and set up the grade boundaries, please check out Display Letter Grades in the CLE


Import tab & Export tab

Under the Import and Export tabs, you can import or export gradebook data from a spreadsheet. For more information, check out Import and Export the Gradebook

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