How does the Checklist work?


How does the checklist work for instructors?

On the course homepage, you can click on a particular checklist to edit it or to view your students’ progress so far.  If the checklist settings allow it to be updated by teachers (either exclusively, or in addition to students), it can be updated by doing the following:
  1. Click the View Progress tab to see a chart of full detail indicating how the students are currently progressing through the checklist.


    • Under the View progress tab, you can also click the Show progress bars to view the overall progress of all the students:


  2. When viewing students' progress through the checklist, click the Magnifying glass (Magnify.png) icon located into the right of a particular student's name to view a student's progress.


    • When viewing a student's progress, you click Add comments to give the student feedback toward each checklist item:


How does the checklist work for students?

Students can click on the checklist on your course page and tick any items they have completed. 
  • Students see either a Checklist activity or block or both in their course.
  • If they click the activity, they see a list of tasks with a progress percentage:


  • If students have been allowed to add their own items they will see a button to do so:
    If you have allowed them to do so, they can click Add your own items then click one of the green plus (Green Plus Moodle 2.8) icons to insert their own, private sub-tasks associated with particular items on the list.


  • If the block has been added, students can see a progress bar and can click the progress bar to access the activity.


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