Edit Checklist

Once you've added a checklist to a CLE course or set Show course modules when you create a Checklist activity, you can further edit a Checklist to add new checklist items, set the checklist items as required or optional, show/hide multiple checklist items, change the text color of the checklist items and to indent the items or move up and down the items etc.

  1. Log into the CLE (cle.ucsf.edu),  and go to the course that you would like to add the checklist activity.
  2. In the CLE course, click the Turn editing on button and then navigate to the checklist activity that you would like to further edit.
  3. Click the Checklist activity to open it. 
  4. Click the Edit checklist tab. The Edit checklist menu will open. 


  5. To manually add an item to the list, in the blank text field (at bottom), enter a name and click Add. The item will appear on the checklist.


    • Optional: To allow dates to be added for manually-added items, click Edit dates, uncheck the Disable box, and use the drop-down menus to set the day, month, and year.
  6. To adjust items already on the list:
    • To turn a manually added item into a heading, click the required icon (checklist toggle box) twice . The item will change to look like this:


    • To toggle between showing an item as required, optional (or for manually-added items, a heading), click the required icon (checklist toggle box)
    • To show/hide an (automatically added) activity or resource, click the eye (click the eye-icon to show/hide a item) icon.
    • To show/hide multiple activities or resources at once, select the checkbox (at far left) of items (select checkbox (to hide/show multiple items), then click Show/hide selected items (at top of list).
    • To change the text color of an item (cycles through 5 preset colors), click the text color () icon.
    • To edit the name and due date for a manually-added item, click the gear (Gear Icon Moodle 2.8) icon.
    • To Indent the item or move it up and down the list, click the arrows (Arrows Moodle 2.8).
    • To delete a manually-added item, click the Delete (Delete.png) icon.
    • To insert a new item immediately below the current item, click the green plus (Green Plus Moodle 2.8) icon.


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