Embed PowerPoint Slides from One Drive to a CLE course

Oftentimes, faculty may find it helpful to embed PowerPoint slides directly into the CLE course. This makes it easy for the instructor to access and document the file. Additionally, once embedded in the CLE course, further editing of the slides on One Drive will be automatically reflected in the course. This will save the instructor's time of deleting the slide and re-uploading the newest version in the course.

Follow the step to embed PowerPoint Slides into a CLE course:

Overview the steps

To embed Embedding PowerPoint slides from One Drive to the CLE include two main procedures. First, we need to get the embed code from OneDrive. Second, paste the embed code to the Atto text editor in the CLE. The detailed steps will be explained below: 

Get the embed code

  1. Log in your One Drive with your UCSF account: https://office.live.com/start/PowerPoint.aspx
  2. Create PowerPoint slides or upload an existed PowerPoint file to your OneDrive. (Storing the presentation online is what allows you to embed it on any other web, including the CLE course.)

  3. With your PowerPoint slides open in the one drive, click File tab in the ribbon.
  4. From the dropdown menu of the File tab, click Share.


  5.  Before getting the embed code, click Share with People to set up who can access or edit the presentation. 
    • In the send link page, you can change the link settings by clicking the People in Univerity of California, San Francisco with the link can edit. 


    • In the link settings editor, configure the settings to your desired condition: 
      • Who would like this link to work for: We recommend to keep the default option: People in the University of San Francissco with the link. 
      • Other settings: We recommend to turn off the allow editing. Optionally, you can also toggle off block download. 


      • Click Apply  and close the link setting page. 
  6. Now that the sharing settings have been configured as desired. The next step would be get the embed code
        •  click File tab in the Ribbon.

        • From the dropdown menu of the File tab, click Share.

        • Click embed. The embed box will open. 
        •  Embed Code, copy the code, and then click Close. Embed_code.png
Note: You'll use this embed code in the next procedure. You may want to paste it somewhere handy, like Note, so that you don't lose it.

Embed the code to the CLE course

  1. Open the CLE (cle.ucsf.edu),  and go to the course that you would like the embed code to be added. 
  2. In the CLE course, click the Turn editing on button in the top right of the course. 
  3. In the section where you want the PowerPoint Slides to be embedded, click add activities or resources. The activity and resource file choose will open. 
  4. From the resources tab, select Page. The page editor will open.
    Note: the PowerPoint Slides embed code can be pasted in any activity or resource that contains the ATTO text editor, such as page, book, lesson, lable, etc.
  5. In the page content editor, click the show more buttons icon.  


  6. Click the HMTL  icon (Embed icon) in the editing toolbar. The editor window will switch to a code view page. Paster your embed code copied earlier from the PowerPoint Web to the code view page.   


  7. Click either Save and return to course to return to your course page or  Save and display to preview. 



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