Review Quiz Results

After students complete quiz attempts, instructors and administrators can view the results in a report that displays information about these attempts. For example, you can see the user information, when the attempt began and ended, how long the attempt lasted, and whether items need to be manually graded.

Access quiz results 

    1. After all students have submitted their attempts, log in to the CLE (
    2. On your course page, locate the Quiz and select the Quiz name to open the quiz. This will open the quiz inbox page. 
    3. On the quiz inbox page, click the gear icon in the right hand and click Results in the drop-down menu.
        • Grades shows all the students’ attempts, along with their overall grades, and the grade for each question for the final exam. There are links to review details related to each student’s attempt. Review_students_attempts.gif
        • Responses is very similar to the Grades report, except it shows the responses the students submitted, rather than the marks (or points) they earned. It is also possible to show the question text or the right answer in this report, to compare with the other student’s response. This is helpful when the question is randomized. Response.gif
        • Statistics gives a statistical (psychometric) analysis of the quiz, and the questions within it. The front page of this report gives a summary of the whole test. Additionally there are links to drill down into a detailed analysis for each question. Please refer to Quiz statistics report or watch the Grading a Quiz video for more detailed information about the different types of statistics that can be collected in the CLE. Statistics-quiz_information.png
        • Manual grading is used to grade essay questions and override scores for other question-types. The first screen of the report lists all the questions in the quiz that need to be, or have been manually graded. Additionally there is an option to show the questions that have been automatically graded, which is useful if you ever need override a grade for a multi-choice question for example. For details, see Grade a quiz->override a quiz.

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