3D Printing FAQ


How do I start 3D printing in the Makers Lab?

Attend a 3D Printing pop-up held throughout the month and then reserve a 3D printer anytime the Makers Lab is open.

Also try the self-guided 3D printing kiosk, available on all iPads in the Makers Lab. Or just stop by the Makers Lab and speak with a staff member!

How much does it cost to 3D print in the Makers Lab?

Nothing, we provide the 3D printer and filament. Just remember to bring your UCSF ID and ideas!

How do I make a reservation to 3D print?

You can make a reservation on the Makers Lab calendar for the 3D printer of your choice with your UCSF email/MyAccess credentials. The green blocks on the calendar indicate a printer is available.

What can I print?

Refrain from printing dangerous or illegal items, otherwise the possibilities are endless! Below are a few helpful 3D printing resources:

What do I need to 3D print?

Nothing, we provide the printer and filament. Just remember to bring your UCSF ID and ideas!

What is Cura?

Cura is the software we use to prepare our files to print. Cura is free and fun, use the links to download Cura today and get started 3D printing!

What if my print is longer than 8 hours?

Although the calendar allows you to reserve up to 4 hours at a time, if needed you can email makerslab@ucsf.edu or speak with a staff member to extend your reservation in order to complete a longer print. Staff can work with you to adjust settings in Cura to keep your print within your reservation time, or help schedule your print on a backup printer.

Can I print overnight/when the Makers Lab is closed?

All prints must be finished during the hours the Makers Lab is open. We cannot run prints overnight when the Makers Lab is closed due to fire hazards. Please see above or contact makerslab@ucsf.edu for more information.

Ultimaker vs. LulzBot — which should I use?

Both the Ultimaker and the LulzBot printers are excellent machines for 3D printing. Generally, we recommend the Ultimaker for first-time 3D prints due to its ease of use. It is also a great printer for smaller prints requiring precision. The LulzBot printers are recommended for those who want to print in materials other than white PLA plastic. For detailed printer specs, please visit the Ultimaker and LulzBot TAZ 6/ Mini resource pages.

What do I do if I have a problem and need help?

Turn around and ask a Makers Lab staff member for help!


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